What are the requirements for posting in The Market?

I’m wanting to post in the Market since I’m looking for a factory sheep panel, but even though as far as I can tell I’ve met the requirements, I’ve still not got trust level 2.

That’s the stats box on my profile, I should have met all of the requirements as explained in the link at the top.

Are the requirements different to the defaults, and if so what are they?
I can’t think of a better place to try and find a Sheep panel than this forum, so I’d really like to try and get access to the market.


I’d rather like a Sheep panel as well :wink:

In your profile it clearly states “basic user”, this means you are not level 2 yet.
It might well be that the requirements here are different from the default ones. They can be freely set by the forum admin.

Yeah, that’s what I assumed.
I’m really curious what the requirements are if they have been changed, they’re not stated anywhere.

I honestly don’t know what the requirements are.
But I guess that they might not be explicitly stated to avoid people just working their way up to level 2 to be able to sell.
Selling gear is not really the point of this forum. It’s more a service to those who have been on this forum for some time and happen to have something to sell or are looking for something.

I get that it’s not the point of the forum, but where else am I going to go exactly to try and get a factory sheep panel? It’s a fairly reasonable shout to try here considering not only did one sell relatively recently, but if anyone is about with one, they’ll probably be on here.

I’ve floated about unregistered on this forum for a few years, but now that I’m looking for the sheep panel I figured it was worth making an account to post on the market about it. Hence why I’m surprised and a bit dissapointed that meeting the listed requirements didn’t work.

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Yes absolutely. Totally not negating that. It’s certainly the first place I’d think of when looking for such a panel myself.

I can understand that.
Though don’t worry, You should be able to get there pretty soon. I don’t think the threshold is that high.
Just stick around a bit longer. Maybe listen to some of the music posted, comment a bit, give some likes.


I would imagine that the call for a sheep panel has successfully got through… should anyone both have one and be willing to sell it… hens teeth is the problem…

Hah, that’s true I guess! Here’s hoping someone will part with their shiny piece of metal.

Yeah, I guess that’s all I can do really. Still would be nice to know the specifics though, but oh well.

about the market category

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I bought my Sheep panel from here, I know it’s not an MI one, but it does the job.


Oh wait, I hadn’t noticed it said for a period of one month. Doh, I was reading the link inside with the specifics!
That makes more sense, I guess the requirement is 30 days visited.

I’ve been looking at a Greyscale panel, but honestly it’s the factory mutable panel I’m really after. I absolutely love the visual design of them, and making my sheep consistent with the rest would be amazing.

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I dunno I’ve been on this forum for almost a year, posted a few topics, replied to many, read hundreds of topics and thousands of comments, earned a lot of Badges, and I still can’t post to the Market. I can’t figure it out.

Well now that’s weird. Literally 1 minute after posting my previous comment I got 3 notifications that I was promoted the Trust Level. What a strange coincidence?!?

That is really weird. I’ve still not got access to the market, even though I checked this forum every day for the better part of two months. I’ve got absolutely no idea what the requirement is.

These are my stats, which aren’t eligible.

These are the stats of the last 5 people to get the Member rank. I absolutely cannot see the thing that all of these stats have, but I don’t. The only thing I don’t have that all of these do is 15 posts created, so that must be it?

But even then, that doesn’t explain why you got it shortly after posting in this thread.

Yeah I don’t know either. The only other recent activity for me was being awarded the Enthusiast badge a few days ago. Try viewing some of the older large threads with over 100 comments. And look at which lower level (easy) Badges that you can earn which you don’t have yet. Maybe it will help.