What are the points marked AVRISP?

Just wondered.

It’s where you attach an AVR programmer for flashing the AMTEL chip without removing it from the PCB.

Why would someone do that? Should I solder the 6 prong in there? I have it left over and only just noted after boxing it.

you only need that if you build a shruthi from a blank chip… all the chips in the kits have the firmware and a special bootloader already on them…

You can flash MI devices over MIDI, so there is no real reason to solder it, unless you modify the software yourself and need to flash faster for debugging.


> You can flash MI devices over MIDI

Only if the chip has already been pre-loaded with a bootloader.

> Why would someone do that?

Building a unit without using pre-programmed chips; or firmware development which requires fast and frequent firmware transfers.

Once you’re used to flashing chips thru the AVRISP, flashing via MIDI seems painfully slow :slight_smile:

indeed… :slight_smile:

slow agreed :slight_smile: