What are the dimensions for the arduino stackable headers?

I just wanted to ask if anyone could confirm the dimensions for the arduino stacking/stackable headers needed for Shruthi´s and Ambika´s.

My question:
What I could calculate from pictures for mounting Ambika voice cards, is, that they have to have 10,5mm long pins + 8mm height female housing, where the female housing begins to “capture” or make reliable contact with inserted pins at about 4-5mm, is that right? And which ones for the Shruthi?

I opened a new thread, as older ones ( a dozen I viewed through) always contain only the same answer: “…you need to order arduino stackable headers…” Well, yes, sure I know that too, but which ones besides with 6 pins?

There are ones with total of 23-25mm “height” and a pin length from 15-17mm.
Others with total of 18-20mm “height” and a pin length from 10-11mm.

The parts I buy have a 10mm pin length.

I usually have the long ones/cheapest ones and i cut them to the right length when fitting everything together…

pichenettes andshiftr Thank you two for your fast and helpful response :slight_smile:

If anyone could add this information to the parts list/BOM, that would probably help others as well.

When you look at mouser, they have not a simplest drawing or even a data-sheet for their arduino headers, they just state one dimension and that is 14.5mm…

They dont have the right ones at mouser. You can get the Samtec ones at Digikey in the right length but they are more expensive (albeit much nicer). If you use the mouser ones, one trick I found is to pull the plastic pins out of an extra header and use that for a template to cut the pins down, works out to be the right length

The ones pichenettes mentioned are easy on evilbay to come by, the ones with 10.5mm pinlength and 8.5mm “plasticpart” height.

There are these ones at Reichelt, but they are sooo expensive, EUR7.60 each. Pinlength is 17.8mm.
For one Ambika I would need 2 of them, but that would be over EUR15 only for 6x 6pin headers ^^.
I could use them for other purposes very well too, but so far I haven´t come across such type on alibaypress nor on evilbay.
If anyone has seen them elsewhere in packs of 10 or cheaper and would like to share his knowledge… :slight_smile:

Tayda has some that look all-right for the job?

@V`cent: do you mean the ones I´ve posted a picture from Reichelt?

Nope, I mean stuff like this .