What are the different Peaks hardware versions?

I bought two used v2 Peaks. So as I understand it due to the trimpots I can safely install DMC.

Would it have been better to look for v3 versions? What are the differences?

Even though both of mine are v2 there are some differences.
One has round LEDs that are flush with the faceplate while the other has column-shaped LEDs that stick out.
Also the buttons on the round-LED-model are a bit more recessed and have a slightly different feel to them.

I assume that‘s just due to components being available at the time of build and makes no further difference?

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I have two v3 Peaks, and have never installed the Dead Man’s Catch firmware, which seems to have been abandoned/stalled in being updated for v3, perhaps in favor of the Ornament and Crime module and firmware. Not my area of expertise and I have retained factory firmwares on all my MI modules. I am adventurous in other ways, promise :slightly_smiling_face:

While there are some VERY sexy recent MI modules that have carried the functionality of discontinued modules further, I really like Peaks for the sheer functionality they pack into a compact package. My perspective is that they are very adept multi-function modules, wonderful for synthesists on a budget, but in no way budget modules.

Have fun with DMC, but get to know the factory firmware too!

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v2 made in the US by the evil company have “Erthenvar” jacks (and thus a larger PCB<->panel distance, causing the buttons to get quite sunken), trimmers, flat top LEDs, black PCBs.

v2 made in France are just the same with round LEDs and green PCBs. The difference in the buttons are probably just due to assembly (or the cap switch has received more presses?).

v3 has “Thonkiconn” jacks (and thus a lower PCB<->panel distance, causing the buttons to stick out more), virtual trimmers, round LEDs.


There‘s enough in the original firmware to keep me occupied for a while!
I‘ll leave one Peaks original and put DMC on the other.

Thank you for the information.

Somehow the evil version seems a bit like a better, more consistent build.

With the French version the LEDs are not recessed evenly and the clicks feel less defined.
Also one of the the blue things with the trim knob on the back can be moved a bit.

But I guess functionally it makes no difference.

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