What amps are you using with shruthi

I would suggest one of the really cheap Behringer mixers. Your hifi amp, (the “T-Amps” or any of the 20watt class D amps for around £20 available from China are quite good quality little budget amps if you need to get one).
Then some speakers, if you can get some, old monitor speakers like KEF or Rogers would be quite good, or just some hifi speakers, put them right in front of you (research Near Field Monitoringon google).

If you have a bit more budget, a lot of producers use the Alesis powered monitors M1 mk2, they have a lot of bass which can help if you are making electronic music.

Just to give my two cents, I just got a pair of Yamaha HS80, I feel like it’s the first time I really hear my Anushri :slight_smile: