What amps are you using with shruthi

title kinda says it all, just get some more spending money hoping to pick the kit up and was wondering if i should get a practice bass amp or something to go with it.

You should get a Mixer and some Monitors as Keyboard Player. A Bass Amp is - as the name implies for Bass Players and guess what a Guitar amp is for :wink:
As a Synth has no typical Sound or Frequency range you will need some Full Range amplification.

Hi outfox. You could buy a keyboard amp if needed, but Frank is right; a mixer and monitors is the best. I run my gear through a Yamaha home theater amp in stereo mode, with a Behringer mixer with two passive Behringer Truth monitors.

It can be interesting playing a synth through a bass or guitar amplifier though. I know by experience that having a Möög Taurus plugged into a good ol’ ampeg or bassman is definitively awesome, thanks to the natural compression that bass speakers and cabs offer. The typical spring reverbs sounds you get from a Fender amp are also a great match. But it will limit the range of sounds you can get. If you want all the definition and all the options, go for a pair of standard loudspeakers or monitors.

Back in the, uh, old days, the usual ticket for a keyboard player was a bass head and guitar cabinet. The bass head was clean and the guitar cab would supposedly provide more top end. Never really worked very well. I’m not much of a fan of keyboard amps either, so, again, Frank is right. I run mine through a mixer (old 24 channel TASCAM) and into a hifi amp and then to some Tannoy nearfields, or recently, from the mixer to a pair of powered, bi-amped Prodipe Ribbon 5 nearfields.

I wasn’t too sure about the powered monitors at first but they work well and eliminate some cables and an amp. In a pinch I could bring one or both to a small jazz gig.

If you’re getting monitors I can vouch for Yamaha HS80m. Lots of bass and designed to translate well, meaning if your mixes sound good in them they’ll sound good in many speakers.

On stage (yeah guys - it will be true - im playing LIVE!) if thats what you are asking for - i rely on the FOH PA to make me audible everywhere and have personal in Ear Monitors as i am old and its to loud for me on Stage… If you are young you might get away with some Monitors either.

orange stack with gain cranked.

Presonus Digimax FS more on the boring end
Mackie VLZ 1202, more gain, usually cheaper
I also recommend soundcards with Hi-Z inputs and a gain know on them

I recently had a lot of Fun with a Polivoks equipped Shruthi for maximum brutality thru an MesaBoogie Mark V for maximum Creaminess. I like Tubes! Although this Combo had a very bright sweet spot which i claim to be Mark V origin - i anytime would prefer a more neutral setup for more flexibility. Its one of the advantages of aging and thus rising your income - you tend to have access to the real good stuff gear :wink:

Oh, and the other way round playing a MusicMan thru some pedals, DI Box, MX 300 and my Monitors totally sucks.

Yeah, depends on if you think you want something that will be more helpful for recording or gigging. If you have no plans to play live yet, I would suggest focusing on a recording interface of some sort and a pair of monitors, or a keyboard amp which you could use for small gigs or as a monitor live.

> Oh, and the other way round playing a MusicMan thru some pedals, DI Box, MX 300 and my Monitors totally sucks.
Sure, bass/guitar loudspeakers are one of the most prominent sound-shaping component of a bass/guitar sound. They compress a lot, they perform a very strong low-pass filter between 5 and 8 khz depending on the model. Just plug a fuzz into a pair of monitors : you can barely listen to it. Do the same with a guitar loudspeaker : it sounds creamy, it’s awesome.
A lot of guitar or bass players who want to improve their sound look after expensive amps. They just don’t understand that they could plug an hifi power amp into a good guitar loudspeaker and get a much better guitar sound.

Does it get better than a Mark V? Dont tell the guys that rob a Bank for it…


sorry little confused this is my first synth and i was hopeing to get alittle one or two octave key board to play around with. I currently have a vox ac4tv8 and an epiphone valve master 15watt these i dont think would be to fun for synth due to not much bass, so i guess what im trying to ask really is whats the cheapest way to get the synth runing and hear it out once i build it (since it will probable be awhile till i can spend another 200 or some odd dollars) would abelton live be enough to get going?

In my opinion: Don’t even worry about software at this point. I would get a cheap midi keyboard (Alesis Q25 or QX25 or a Rock Band keytar for Xbox with midi out), use your existing amps and work on lead patches rather than bass ones while scouring local classifieds for a used keyboard amp with a 12 or 15" speaker. A keyboard amp isn’t the best solution (I use a 100 watt old Roland) and I would prefer a mixer and powered QSC speakers or something but you can’t beat the simplicity when you are starting out.

All that said, my first amps even live were HiFi receivers and speakers as someone else mentioned

i watched a video today where someone was runing a shruthi off of an android with some pc speakers, this is kinda what im talking about quick easy and fun. I am not a DJ in a band or super smart about c++. Really i dont know anything about this besides that i want to start messing with keys and a synth (and i enjoy diy soldiering) so i guess i just want to make sure i dont ruin my amps hitting bass notes that dont exist within their range.

you can use your hifi system or your computer speakers without a problem

edit : and you won’t ruin your guitar amp plugging a shruthi into it. It’s rugged.

mostly the mixer-PA route, depending on the session can also be Fender or Ampeg. albeit lately we somehow changed to line connections instead of amps / mics, so headphone and monitors.