Westlicht Per|former Sequencer


This deserves a heads-up - a fantastic diy sequencer - huge amount of work gone into it and it’s really powerful but easy to use…

Highly recommended… there’s even a simulator on the link below…

performer sequencer


Indeed! Looks like it has lots of features plus Launchpad compatibility.

I’m looking forward to more videos, reviews and building one!


Quite an interesting project. Is anyone familiar with his Mutable firmware tweaks?


Has he done more than the tweak for Peaks?


That looks very cool.
No info on availability, that I could see.


Launchpad integration is a plus. Wonder if it will support the RGB pads of the Launchpad 2.


It’s available now - all files on his github. Can get pcbs and panels made up etc

No idea about launchpad 2 - I’ve only got a launchpad mini


Maybe a group-buy will get organised on Muffs, then. Getting one-off PCBs made is s but pricey.


It’s not that expensive with the Chinese pcb fab plants (usually ~$20 with delivery for 10 pcbs) - I quite often get pcbs fabbed. I then give away what I dont use - have never accepted cash for them… I often get given pcbs and panels that others have done as well… sort of quid pro quo… but no expectation of it…

With the per|former I know the pusherman fb group is getting some made soon that I believe the designer is happy about…