Were do you get your blind panels? (in europe)

i am looking for 14TE Alu blind panels.
this seems not to be a common size. i looked at reichet, doepfer, clicks&clocks etc.

also: is there a cheaper source than reichelt for blind panels in general?

Cutting/Sawing alloy yourself ?

Schroff makes nice packs of five euro blanks in a bunch of sizes. I get them from element14 over here in Asia. They probably have them at mouser or others like that.

@nightworxx: right. seems kind of obvious :slight_smile: i was trying to avoid that because the edges i produced when sawing aluminium were kind of rough in the past. but i think i’ll do that. might have ti invest in a propper metal saw.

@widdy: nice tip. i think i’ll get some of the more unobtainium TE values. next time i order at some of these places.

@ widdly

Good find!

Kinda pricey, i paid 25 bucks for one square meter 3 mm alloy…

reichelt has them, too
just search for “BGT TFP” or "teilfrontplatte"
for example BGT TFP 306 = 3U 06 TE for 2,70€

Sounds fair.

those come in 5 packs, so your paying 6$ a pop

@comboy: yes. but reichelt doesn’t have some width like 14TE
…which i need for my waverider oszillator :slight_smile:

@nightworxx: how exactly do you cut it?

I use a “Kappsäge” of a friend.

i see.
i have been using something like this:

i would have to build a lot of modules before buying a kappsäge would be amortized

Sometimes it’s sufficient to know the right people :wink:
With the right tool you can make a lot of these within minutes.

A shear would be the thing to have :slight_smile:

I bought some panels from Farnell, guestimated the size I needed and they’re perfect for the DIY Ardcore I’ve been building and the panel was the last bit to do. Was going to go plexi but think that would look too good and I’m too lazy to design the panel layout.

I’m daydreaming that @Papernoise would make some nice looking plates and put them for sale on Etsy or something.

Keep dreaming, sorry :smiley:
No time for that atm! Though I’d love to!