Went down to my local synth shop today

And got my hands on a fairly large modular setup. I love how befuddled and stupid it made me feel, like starting over from scratch in my understand of signal control.

Anyways, I talked to the shop owner and he said he had been in discussion with MI about carrying their products, and I highly encouraged it. That would be so cool to have local shruthi/anushri kits available.

Also, got to play with a mini-brute, and I would have to say I was super disappointed, especially with the filter. The MOPHO had a way better filter, but not as good as the Anushri I would have to say.

Welcome to the wacky world of patchcords! If you want to give it another chance, the MB filter sounds much better if you have the waveform faders in the first 30% of their travel-it was designed to be overloaded hard by the input mixer. But yeah, I would agree the Anushri has a sweeter-sounding VCF :slight_smile:

The MiniBrute is supposed to sound quite aggresive … that’s why it is called MiniBrute not MiniSoft or MiniSweet. :slight_smile:

The minibrute can sound super sweet but it takes a bit of getting used to, and indeed one needs to be careful with the levels in the mixer. I’m a big fan of that synth

You have a local synth shop? Ooh, what luxury :wink:


In Germany there are a couple of shops which have modular stuff on display or at least they have a separate section with analog instruments. But most are in bigger cities like Berlin, Munich, Cologne or Hamburg.

yeah , I want to know what type of utopia you livin’ in to just walk in a synth shop and walk out with a modular :wink:
I would have a trek of 250 miles to London to get even close …


Portland Oregon my friend. It really has got to be one of the best cities to live in. The place is called Control Voltage :).

Also, Malleko heavy industries modular gear is made/sold here. So I got my grubby fingers on Wiard filters and such.

When I worked at Mallekko here in Austin, TX, it was still a tiny place. I’d rather start with a Blacet though…

I do like our synth store. It’s called Switched on and the peeps there are cool.

I have been wanting to hear somebody play a Minibrute through a Shruthi or vice versa.

Portland is indeed one of the finest US cities. Timberline Lodge is the only place I’ve seen bikinis and snowboards at the same time, same place.

I have hiked up hood before, What a view!

ahh, Portland , nice.
Malekko is fine kit , some of my favourite,though I plan to own a “real” Wiard set up now it is UK.

Ahh, switched on. I’d love to check that place out some day. Chicago is a complete void when it comes to music stores, surprisingly.