Welcome to the forums!

It’s going to get a bunch of add-ons soon (themes, support for markup in posts, captcha for signup), but hey, it’s already a good start!

Cool! Love it! So someone post some pics of their shruti :wink:

Later, Lu


Over from the WTPA forum.

Made it!

[code lang=“cpp”]
//Hello Shruti!

Hello Shruti forum!

Yo Pichenettes :slight_smile:

That’s the original one :smiley: On the youtube videos you see an earlier prototype that looks like this:

This one was a real mess… The Eagle parts library I used had the audio connectors wired the wrong way, so I couldn’t get audio from them. But my original design had a headphone output (at an embarrassing location), so this is what I used for all demos. Not to mention the control panel board that was a nightmare, ergonomically (buttons hidden behind the knobs, 6 knobs so close to each other that they became hard to tweak).

(BTW, to post pictures, select “Textile” as a format and type the url of the image between ! !).

lo all…

Olivier, any chance of RSS feeds for this forum?

Roger, RSS/Atom goodness installed

@EATYone: to post pictures, select “Textile” as a format and type the url of the image between ! like this:

looks good! any sound samples yet?

i’m really looking forward to this.

Thanks for the RSS Olivier!

Hi there! Can’t wait to start on this.

hi all, i’m in, too. planning to team this with a gorf (at first)

Hi everyone! I’m here too, waiting to get started :slight_smile:

Only now I noticed this thread… but to my excuse I must say that I’m really swamped by work right now…
but I was able to free myself from work for half a day, and so here it is… my own private Shruti!
Anyway, hi everybody!

sorry for the bad pic… I only had the iPhone to make it, and it has a really bad camera (as we all know)