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Welcome to the Mutable Instruments forum!


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Topic classification

This forum has been originally built to support users/builders of Mutable Instruments products, but has grown into a community where people love rambling about all kinds of music or DIY-related topics.

DIY modules

Mutable Instruments’ modules are designed for mass-production, and it has never been Mutable Instruments’ intent to sell DIY boards or kits for them. However, because these modules are open-source, several companies or individuals have started providing such kits. We do not encourage these and will not provide any assistance or troubleshooting for these DIY builds. A good place to discuss issues with your DIY build is muffwiggler’s DIY forum. Or you can simply contact the person who sold you the board.

Language rules

There’s only one simple rule: post in english. To someone who cannot read it, your beloved language might look like noise and clutter. Noise and clutter can be annoying. Remember the tower of Babel? Mixing up languages dilutes knowledge. What if you write in spanish and the person with the exact solution to your problem only reads italian and english?

Making assumptions about which language the mutable instruments staff can read is risky ; and is terribly unfair to the people whose native language we don’t read and who are forced to write in english anyway. If your message is not in english, we give ourselves the right to reply by nonsense, humour, or stupid images.

Broken english, chinglish, hinglish, engrish, pidgin english, yaourt and Google Translatese are all accepted.



The assembly instructions for Anushri, the Shruthi digital control board, and the Shruthi SMR4 mkII filter board all contain a troubleshooting section. Check first that your problem is not addressed here, and get ready to make the measurements described in the troubleshooting section.

Great contributions from forum members are also available on the wiki.

Also, take some time to search this forum.