Welcome de the Mutable Instruments community


This community is for the users of Mutable Instruments Eurorack modules, and anybody interested in electronic music and instrument design.

Can I use this forum to ask for assistance?

Rule of thumb: if you think only Mutable Instruments can find a solution to your issue, it’s not a good idea to post here.

For example, if your issue most likely is a hardware defect (broken knob or jack, module not powering on), we recommend you to directly contact Mutable Instruments, using this form.

If your issue is more likely to be a misunderstanding about how to use the module or how it’ll interact with other modules in your system or other bits of equipments, this is the right place!

A note about DIY Mutable Instruments Eurorack modules…

Mutable Instruments’ modules are designed for mass-production, and it has never been Mutable Instruments’ intent to sell DIY boards or kits for them.

However, because these modules are open-source, several companies or individuals have started providing such kits.

We do not encourage these and will not provide any assistance or troubleshooting for these DIY builds. A good place to discuss issues with your DIY build is muffwiggler’s DIY forum. Or you can simply contact the person who sold you the board.

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