Weirdo Shruthi CV Controller Contest [Prolonged!]

While Olivier is away, lets have some fun doing our own hardware:

Here it is, the first annual Weirdo Shruthi CV Controller Contest (WSC^3).

The rules are simple: build a controler for Shruthis CV Ins using only power from the FilterBoard PowerSupply, post a link to a video of it working here. Anything[^1] is allowed but please no boring Pots in a Box :wink:

Originally submissions would have been accepted till December 24th 23:59h local time in Nordhorn . Due to the fact that everybody is busy thinking about what to organize as a xMas gift for his/her Partner or do frequent xMas Menu Rehersals some people complained that they won’t be able to do this soon. So I decided to prolong the Submission Time till January 31st, 2k11.

Votes will now be accepted from Feb 1st till Valentines Day by adding a comment here. One man[^2]- one vote.

Prize: The Contestant with the most votes wins a Custom Shruthi Plexi Case, Color and Engraving to his favour donated by me and a set of Russian 1% MilSpec Caps torn right of a SS-22 Nuclear War Head by rosch"the fairy" himself. There will also be a Walking Cup in which the names of the annual Winners will be engraved.

Now waiting for your submission - may the Capacitor Fairie be with you!

Stay tuned, soon here will be some Tips + Schematics for the newbies how to make a Controller so everybody that managed to build a working Shruthi can join in! I just need to get some Napkins…

[^1]: The controller is only allowed to draw power from Shruthis Internal Power Supply (no external Power), must emit at least one control voltage to the Shruthis CV-INs and the Shruthi must do something hearable with this CV. So yes, the Patch Shruthi plays is somehow part of the Game.

[^2]: Are there any women here?

I really want to do something with the CV stuff. My electronics knowledge so far pretty much comes from building kits, and I’d love to design something myself (has anyone done a wah wah pedal yet?). I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything by the 24th, though. Good luck to everyone who tries it though, looking forward to seeing more inspirational hardware hacks!

XY Pad anyone ?

is extra microcontroller is ok? :smiley:

“Anything is allowed” but it must be nonboring and powered by the Shruthi. So sorry, no Core2Duos . . .

Great idea! If I only had time to participate…

Ah, rumpelfilter, just make 2 nonboring pots in a box - try to mold Monsterknobs from FIMO :wink:

Gogogo! ( no really time, but Will find some!)

And the winner will receive an enclosure build By you? :smiley:

Yes, the standard model as seen in the shop with a colour from the ones i have in stock, engraving on front and bottom + ventholes you like. So you will have a clear case free for your 2nd Shruthi :wink:


Does the “Thing” must deserve a musical goal?

or can it be a useless thing like that:

like this for example:

ok the cap faerie said there’ll be also a set of mil-spec square shaped soviet bomber filtercaps for the winner! lame compared to the shell, but fuzes are also needed!

It must emit something between 0…5V to at least one of the Shruhtis CV-INs and must change somehow the Sound that Shruthi emits. So it must be at least slightly useful. If thats musical - let history decide on that…

And yes, somehow the Patch the Shruthi Plays belongs as well to this compisition.

I think it’s easier than that, it’s basically two linear pots and it’s made to work at 5V

2.60$ touchscreen we can’t find cheaper than that )

YEAH - Go for it!
Are you german or is th Ü just an tribute to Mötley Crüe ?

I might try, but considering my electronic skills, I’m not sure it will lead to something!

In fact I’m french and the ¨ is just a tribute to my real name wich is Aloïs :slight_smile:

aren’t Mötley Crüe the freaks with the 7 inch standoffs at the feet?

you already mastered the complicated part… the rest is up to solder some wires and maybe 2 trimmers. I’d love to see a 2D Touchcontrol. If Moog can do, you can do also…

Heres the Mötley Crüe Tribute housing for your controller: