Weird Take On Braids

Just spotted this on ModularGrid

Seems like an odd take on a similar concept to Braids, but weirdly, with direct MIDI control.

I’d be interested to know what waveform-generation methods are on board.


Are you sure it’s really based on Braids?

There are similarities (the number of models, the models given as example, the current consumption is similar too)… But since it only has one CV-able synthesis parameter, it seems to be different.

Direct MIDI control is a feature request I get very often!

I don’t think it’s based on Braids, just based on a similar concept. i.e. multiple synthesis methods, with minimal control.

Direct MIDI control could be cool if a module supports MIDI CCs to access parameters with no hardware control on the module itself.


It might have been heavily inspired by Braids, but it has enough differencies as well (apart from the already mentioned one, it also has a sub osc for example).