Weird shruthis from Italy

@tribo: lol.

@ByteFrenzy: All that was necessary was a proper attribution. If he did that, then the problem seems to be solved. Of course, adding a power switch would have been very easy with all that extra space.

@Varthdader: Yes, I hope they do change their ways. Or at least put sickle and hammers on their Polivox.

These are great. It’s nice to see someone thinking outside the box - literally. :slight_smile:

I agree that the form factor is nice if you have more shruthis on the table, and is a nice variation on the usual square-box theme! :slight_smile:

not exactly my personal taste,but why not? if they had all jacks on top you could put all sorts of machines tightly next to each other and it could look good, no?
way better than just copying fcd72’s case design and offer built units for below kit price.
they should come over here and share the thread derailing excitement :smiley:

To outperform i will offer heptagonal cases . . . . . . .

Why not star shaped cases, or even better heart shaped ones for real MI fans!


ok then we also need a set of kiss & cuddle themed presets.

we need a hello kitty shruthi!

Or, a brony Shruthi! Must.avoid.puking!

Arrggghhh, disgusting !

What did i do???

A plush Shruthi might not be a bad idea.
Shruthi Tribble Edition. It could come packaged with a set of SciFi sound effects.
I am all for this.

Sailor moon?


well… those nice guys build vegetable based instruments… an organic eggplant shruthi might also be an option (and you can still recycle part of it…)

or even eat it…

yeah! edible shruthis for the masses!

Shruthi-lent Green. It’s Synthesizers!