Weird shruthis from Italy

Looks like a Molecule and a Shruthi had sex and this thing came out.
Despite this, the case looks well made albeit a bit bulky…
there is one on ebay
and one on etsy
is this an official thing?

What really iritates me is eventhough there ia logo on the enclosure, there is no info such engineered/designed by Mutable Instruments on product information.

He could have taken the plastic off the LCD

They buy boards from me. I’ve dropped them a note because the “attribution” bit of the cc-by-sa licence is not quite followed here.

They mention MI but there’s no link to the website… yeah the “attribution” bit is really not followed that strictly here

Yeah, they look kind of hokey. :confused: The Polivox might have been neat if they put yellow sickle and hammer emblems on it instead of the white circles. Although, they did make at least one other DIY synth in a hexagon enclose according to their Etsy. I agree, they could display who actually made the guts of the “hexagon” more prominently.
@altitude: Your kits look much nicer than these. The glass you use as a screen protector is a definite plus. I also like how the 4 knobs on the pots match the encoder’s knob.

And I wonder: if you make a case that is twice the size of the atcual PCB, why not add a power switch (or a volume control), so the space is not totally wasted?

and second what audioharder said. As a proud owner of one of Altitude’s polivokses I agree that they are just so much better!

I am glad that I wasn’t the only one thinking that. Might have been cool to have direct midi connections on the sides for direct poly chaining. It is just a novelty, but would have made sense in this case with the hexagonal pattern.

I commented on their facebook page…, “Now available from the people who designed it for a much lower price” with a link to the mutable shop… It didn’t go down well! They deleted all my comments and have blocked me from their page! :-))

You are evil…

I liked said comment while it was still visible… :slight_smile:

I am… truly evil - mwahahahaha

cheers v’cent :slight_smile:

@tribo: Well played!

hahaha, I think people who delete comments are people who have something to hide. Because it means the shun the discussion…

Perhaps the will come up with a Camorravoks ?

Come on I think that Facebook comment is a bit mean. I love the MI community, but we need to loosen up a little when it comes to newcomers and their commercial endevours. It happened some days ago with a case maker.

I agree with most comments on the merits (or lack of) of what they offer and lack of crediting, I just flinched a little with that “guerrilla advertising” done on facebook.

I believe that these guys need to face the errors they made and most crucially, be allowed to correct their mistakes without having things like this happen.

I think Pichenettes has already contacted them on the subject.

Now if their ways persist, then it is a different manner.

Where are you from?


There now seems to be a decent attribution to MI both on their facebook page and on ebay. And hey, this is a guy who has ONE of them for sale on the 'bay and sixteen 'bay transactions in all. And if a hexagonal Shruthi looks kinda weird without adding any practical advantages, a table full of hex shaped whatsethingies could actually look pretty cool.