Weird MIDI behaviour

Hi all

Here I come with a really really weird MIDI problem…I might not see something obvious but I tried to find the solution all this afternoon without success (and this is VERRRYYYY frustrating).

My setup is as follow:

1 MIDI software sequencer (seq24) to a mpc 2500, this last one feeding, via its 4 MIDI out, 3 shruthis and a MIDI to CV converter for my MS-20.
MIDI devices are set to separate MIDI channels.

I have one track for the bass (MS-20 set to MIDI channel 16) and one track for a lead synth (shruthi set to MIDI channel 14).

Only playing the lead track is fine.
Only playing the bass track is fine.

But, when I play both tracks, the sound of the shruthi playing the lead track is modified, as if the lfo2 was set to master instead of slave. If I mute the bass track after the sound has changed, there’s no change in the shruthi (the sound is still “modulated”).

I first thought my soft seq was sending a “hidden” CC or something, so I monitored the MIDI out of my soft seq and the result is that there are only note on / note off messages assigned to the right MIDI channels. and no CC #119 appearing somewhere…

So I thought the problem was coming from my MPC and a “hidden” merge function…same result, the monitoring of the MIDI out of my mpc shows that the right informations are sent to the right channels…

I’m stuck there and do not have anymore idea of the source of the problem…

Does anybody have something in mind ?



Is there a way of recording the whole output as a MIDI file and sending it to me for inspection?

Also (and this is a totally random shot in the dark), does it still happen with the Shruthi on channel 1 / data sent on channel 1.

I’m asking because 95% of the time my test units are set to channel 1, so if there’s a bug that would occur when the unit is set to a different channel (there’s no reason why…), I would have less chances to catch it.

This also happens if:

MS-20 is set on ch 12 or 7 or whatever and shruthi on ch 14
MS-20 is set on ch 16 and shruthi on channel 7

…but I haven’t tried shruthi on ch 1

I forgot to mention in my previous post that not only the sound is modulated, but it’s like playing the bass track at the same time as the lead track freezes my shruthi: when stopping the song, still hearing the shruthi (but this is probably because its as if the lfà2 was set to master).

What do you mean by recording the whole output as a midi file Pichenettes ?



Whatever the MPC is sending to the Shruthi.

So only the infos sent on shruthi’s channel ?

Everything going into the Shruthi, which I assume also contains information on other channels.

Ok, even if the shruthi is set to channel 1, the result is the same. And I tried with one of my other shruthi, the result is exactly identical. I send you a midi file pichenettes !