Weird MIDI behavior

I’m getting some weird MIDI behavior from a Shruthi (yellow magic) which worked fine before. It’s not receiving any note events (no notes icon is shown on the display), but when I move the pitch bend or modulation wheels it does show the “#” symbol for “The Shruthi has received invalid SysEx data (for example a SysEx message intended for another device)”. Any suggestions for what might be wrong here? Bad soldering joints?

Replaced the 6N137 with a fresh one and it’s all fine again. Still wondering how I broke that one… :confused:

The 6N137 is quite fragile an might have died from a static electricity shock - YOU ARE WEARING CHEAP FLEECE UNDERPANTS

Cotton. And trust me, they sure ain’t cheap. :wink:

Ok, I am going insane. Is there any reason why a Shruthi would respond fine to MIDI note messages from a controller keyboard, but not from a USB MIDI interface?

Yups: your MIDI Interface is crap :wink:

regarding your pants: POIDH

Well, these MIDI interfaces are rather crappy (I have an m-audio uno and an esi midimate), but this is still a bit weird, right?

And my wife objects to a picture, sorry. I can share that they’re from Calvin Klein.

You need GM5 :slight_smile:

Calvin Klein underpants (btw - you have been watching to much Back to the Future, therefore your new name will be Marty ;) ) but no money for a decent MIDI Interface you should think about your priorities :wink:

The problem with decent MIDI interfaces is that they’re not small which makes it rather inconvenient to take home (I live in Amsterdam in a tiny apartment and I keep most of my gear at the office).

Anyway, I’ll build a gm5x5x5 soon.

Can’t for the life of me understand why the GM5 is not just better, but head and shoulders above the others. It sure delivers a can of whoop-ass on them.

BTW, it also needs this ridiculously photogenic plexi case. Frank? Frank! Save us all from the attack of the naked MIDIbox PCBs…

Good drivers, good software. The market for MIDI must be tiny these days with all this soft synth stuff.

You can get the “TERRASONIQ MIDI ONE” which uses GM5, it’s a MIDI IN or OUT only though, it auto-detects in or out. A handy ploy to get people to buy two I’m sure :slight_smile:

I have a slightly more time consuming project to finish first, jojjelito. To you it doesn’t matter as you will want both of them :wink:

hehehe me too.

Ooh! Just shut up and take my money :wink: Of course I’ll get both.

Meanwhile I started lusting after the mini MS20 or the King Korg, both rumored to be presented at winter NAMM and the 50th anniversary of the Keio organ company. And I should get that Minibrute. Plus 2 more Ambikas. Moar funds badly needed!

Hm. I’ve now also tested with my Polivoks and that one does work with both MIDI interfaces just fine. So, I’m now in a situation where the Yellow Magic does respond to MIDI from a master keyboard, but not from the USB MIDI interface, while the Polivoks responds just fine to both.

I guess there’s something not right with either the soldering or some of the components on the Yellow Magic board. It would be lovely if anyone has any suggestions as to what might be wrong to cause this behavior before I de-solder the display. :slight_smile:

Both are built using the most recent PCB revisions using self-sourced components and both are running the latest firmware.

Midi channel?
Doubt the problem is with the Yellow magic, maybe the cables are done for? <-- unlikely though

Not a MIDI channel or other setting issue; tested extensively to make sure. Note that using the master keyboard does work.

Well yes, but it seems highly strange that it would only respond to one of the two :confused:
Afraid I’m out of my depth here ^^