Weird characters on LCD


I just put together a Shruthi XT, and after flashing the firmware I got very weird characters on the display. I flashed the firmware several times and tried different branches, but the problem was the same. I also tried another Atmega644P, but the problem was still the same.

Any ideas?

Are the LEDs / switching working correctly? Maybe a problem with the wiring of the LCD?

I have already seen things like that when the LCD is connected after the MCU has booted. During boot, the MCU sends an initialization command to the LCD and the LCD won’t work correctly if it has not received it - so the LCD module should be powered and connected to the MCU at boot time.

LEDs and switches are working correctly. Have not tested sound so far…
When I press a few buttons, sometimes I can see the correct menus as a shade below the weird characters. I’ll have a look at the LCD connection.

Got it! One of the LCD pins had a bad connection. Resoldered it and all is working now :slight_smile: Thanks!