Weird - anushri hi-hat density affecting synth

Hi everyone, just completed my anrushi, and almost all seems to work well apart from:
when in drums mode, turning the hh density knob still seems to change the LFO shape value (like it would if it was on the synth page) - it also affects the hh density correctly.

wanted to know if anyone else had seen this?


deleted because i self discovered i was wrong. weird.

I’d try re-flashing the firmware as a stab in the dark.

The only cause I can think of - and it would be far, far fetched, is that something (bad solder point on the resistor network?) causes the unit to move back and forth between the two synth and drums pages - but then this would also affect the other parameters.

Thanks for the replies. I have another one part built, i’ll see if it does the same.
If not, i’ll swap the microcontrollers over and see what happens.
I don’t have the gear to reflash, unless you can do it over usb

I see in the manual you can do firmware update via usb, so i’ll see how the other tests with my other unit goes

Anushri doesn’t have a USB connector, but it is upgradable through MIDI.

uh yeah thats what i meant. duh!

I thought I had this problem yesterday. Bass drum tone/density didn’t change those things but all the knobs seemed to be affecting pitch. I figured I accidentally got stuck in the drone/hold note mode and restarted the device while holding run/start and haven’t had any issue after that.

well. i finished my other anushri and it works fine. so i took the borked one apart.
and uh, slightly embarrassing, found a piece if IC foam sandwiched between the boards, right under the pot that was misbehaving. i have no idea how it got there. probably goblins

but how great do 2 anushris sound ? :slight_smile:

damn i wish i hadn’t deleted my first post… it was about debris in the inter board connectors…

but how great do 2 anushris sound ? :)
well, I suppose you were expecting us to ask for samples…