Website temporarily down

Woohoo, this is going to be a long, long night :slight_smile:

good luck!

… And we’re back, with a new decor!


Looks good!

looks great! good job.
i just think the pics change quite quickly.
but maybe it’s just because it’s so late at night

Bug report-clicking on the top-left hand logo gives a dead link. Also, only the first page of your blog appears to have made it into the new site.

Fixed. Yes I restricted myself to import only the posts from the past 6 months.

The new website rocks !

Very nice.

Yay! It looks great. Seems to be working fine on a smartphone too.

Awesome! Great job, I like the new layout and also the new product icons!
Now I’m really curious to see which “products” are using STM32F1xx or STM32F4xx…

nice site!

The link to the control board build instructions on is broken.

some more broken links:

F*cking fast! *like

it would appear all of the resorce/BOM links are are currently not available

Awesome new site Olivier. I especially like the new product icons too. More feathers for polyphony is a cool idea. I also like the product labels/nouns, for example, “LP2+Delay: the Psychonaut”. Sums it all up nicely.

It looks like the build resource and BOM links are back up now (I downloaded the old build/BOM pages a few days ago because I suspected something might happen :-P)

This redesign is very nice. All Hail to Hannes and Olivier :smiley:

edit : one thing I think that would be convenient is when you click on the instrument name, it automatically displays the “overview” page. Every time i’ve been clicking on “Shruthi” or “Anushri” and I’ve been waiting for something to happen before I realized that I had to click “overview”.

thanks a lot people! It’s been quite a bit of work, but I really think it’s been worth it!
I think some credits are appropriate here:
Apart from Olvier and I, who’ve done most of the work on this, the icons and dingbats have been made by my wife Elisabeth ( the programming was made by my good friend Rudy Troger (Who was the guy behind the popular Tweetfilter, which sadly he seems to have abandoned)