Website feedback

I was more worried by the possibility of Game Over at Olivier’s place :wink:


The Horror…

Wish I be in Paris with all my shooting equipment…

maybe the link to the “custom filter editor” for the midipal should be a link in the menu.

Actually I wouldn’t mind a html table of contents for each manual so I can jump directly to the relevant section.


Maybe you should put a photo of the midipal in its new enclosure on the main page?

Did anyone notice that when clicking on a user profile you can see recent “private” discussions in the “activity” tab.
For example it looks like Pichenettes received inbox by HUROLURA and Dalkiel about the Ambika.

Not that I care personnaly, and I doubt people would get into personal matters here, but one might wanna this to be fixed.

whoops, that should really get fixed

I think those are mis-uses of the “comment about an user” section.

Yes, MicMicMan is right, when you click on a user profile you have a big text box with an “Add comment” button. It might look like a private message box and some people made the mistake… but it isn’t, it’s more a shared “wall” à la facebook. Totally useless I agree. There is a “send a message” link on the left menu, that’s how you can send a private message to a user.

I have a request for the new website… On the DIY recources pages there are pictures of the eagle files of the boards. I find these images really handy together with the schematics for troubleshooting or moddig stuf. The Shruthi boards are so small that the size of the picture works perfect for that. But the on the Anushri and Ambika boards the traces in the picture get so small that you can’t use them anymore.
Would it be possible for those pictures to be clickable and pop out on a hi-res version?

Done, thanks for the suggestion!

Super Thanks! but ehmm… don’t mean to complain but the Anushri mainboard is still to small to see numbers and traces. I don’t know if bigger popout fit’s with the website design?

I can’t get a larger export out of the Gerber viewer.

export them as PDF/SVG…

The SVF / PDF don’t look as pretty. I think the best option is still to grab the free/demo version of Eagle and open the board files there. At least you can activate/deactivate layers, see the name of traces and so on - hard to do that with static image files!

Is the procedure for setting the four trimmers on a Shruti dual SVF card still available somewhere? I don’t see it under the corresponding DIY resources section.

I have never written anything about that.

Actually you did, but it wasn’t on the website but in a discussion named ‘Dual SVF Tuning’…