Web Audio


Did you not see this?

Latency sucks, but cloud studios might be next :slight_smile:

Latency is bad with this, but the MIDI support will make it extremely easy to create nice cross-platform patch editors.

That’s true, seeing as I write web applications I could knock one up :slight_smile:

@6581punk that’s good to know! I may have a little web-MIDI-related project for you, if you’re interested. May I drop you a PM?


@6581punk I wrote some MIDI stuff using Node.js a while ago, and I found the JS event model to be a very natural fit for handling MIDI data.

I meant for my job, I’d love to have the free time to write applications at home :slight_smile:

@6581punk ah, fair enough. I have a little project that I’d eventually like to make into a Euro module. Currently, I’ve simulated it in JavaScript. It’s functionally more-or-less complete, but needs a proper UI. It used web MIDI to play the builtin GM synth on Mac/PC.


In case you haven’t seen there is also browser based daw https://soundation.com/studio