We need a MI Patch Librarian!

It’s been repeatedly mentioned here on the forums, but nobody has started a thread about it yet.
We all know the problem, patches pile up on the Shruthi’s memory and there’s currently no easy way to rearrange all these patches… if I was good at coding, which I’m not, I’d start to work on a librarian myself.
So all I can do, is to say: please somebody make a patch librarian at least for the Shruthi!

Like this?

Yes exactly like that! :slight_smile:
I totally missed that thread!
Well… an OSX version would be nice, but this will do the job for now!
Thanks a lot!

@Papernoise @pichenettes that topic is not available anymore… which librarian are you referring to? Thanks!

Oh man… can’t remember.
But the general idea was to have something that would let you manage/rearrange patches on the Shruthi if I am not mistaken.