We had to close down the Papernoise Society6 shop

Just a quick note to inform you people that we had to close down our Society6 store. We are a looking into a replacement, and will keep you updated.

Sorry to hear that. Hope you didn’t end up getting ripped off.

No, it just started to become too complicated for us to manage.

Hi Hannes.

Do you mind me asking what you were selling on Society6? Was it T-shirts, prints, other stuff?

I’ve had some success with T-shirts on Cotton Bureau.

I’ve mainly done limited run screenprint T-shirts with them but they recently started offering on-demand, DTG prints too. They handle all the sales and fulfilment, designers get a cut of the profit.

It’s worth noting that they’re US-based so shipping and taxes can be a little steep for EU customers. That said, I think I’ve benefited from the larger US market. I’ve tried similar services here in the UK with far less success. I blame the weather!

Just thought I’d mention CB in case it’s helpful.

Good luck with the search for a replacement.

We were mostly offering prints, cups and assorted swag. We have t-shirts over at https://synthpatcher.com/t-shirts/. But they are in the UK, so we might look into Cotton Bureau for the US market. Thanks for the tip!
If anybody has a good experience with a low-hassle EU-based place that does good quality prints, that would be really great.

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This reminded me of a Madrona Labs blog post about using Printful for US/EU print-to-order shirts:


Not sure how they’ve turned out, but could be worth asking Randy about!

Hi Hannes,

you could check https://www.teepublic.com.

They‘re an US company but print and ship in EU for EU orders. I have some shirts which are good quality shirts and print.

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