Ways to do Streams stuff?

Streams is one of the older modules that really interests me.

Does anyone have any cool ideas to have Blades or any of the current line-up do Streams-type behavior? I have most of the current MI stuff (Veils Beads Blades Rings Shades Links Ripples Winks Nipples), and the Twins, double Stages with Qiemem.

EDIT : I realize now this sounds like I’m asking if I can make a fish act like a bird. I guess what I’m wondering is if I can rig up my stuff to cover some fraction of the Streams behavior, just for the fun of it.

I really like tides as a complex oscilator into streams lpg since you dont have tides maybe can use blades as complex source and throw it into the lpg.
Further more there is a sweet spot where you can get a kind of dubbing looper when you have Warps in the open feedback loop thing from the parasites firmware and a streams channel in compressor mode. I dont know if you have any other open feedback delay but its a really nice thing to try out.

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Streams = VCA + 6db low pass + digitally controlled processor (varieties of envelope generator & varieties of envelope follower)

You can use Stages (or Ears) as an envelope follower and you have vca’s and filters. So yes you could get similar results.

The beauty of Streams (to me) is the simplicity of the patching. I find Streams to be a really quick way to explore an idea in the middle of a big patch. Plus, I really appreciate the onboard LED metering.


The most obvious thing: a pair of green segments in Stages to do the AD envelope, patched into both the DRIVE and FREQUENCY inputs of a Blades channel. Resonance to the minimum, LP mode. Streams’ filter has a 12dB/octave slope, and its VCA precedes the VCF, that part is not the most difficult one to recreate with Blades.

The vactrol, compressor and follower modes of Streams won’t be easy to recreate (though a part of the vactrol code governs Plaits’ LEVEL input).

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I love Streams, but whenever I use it I wish it had CV control for the Shape and Mod, is there a reason it doesn’t? Or maybe a way that it’s possible that I didn’t see in the manual?

It wasn’t designed (number of HP, hardware, etc) for it.

Can streams create adsr envelopes with a ‘button combo’?