Way to increase bend range?

Is there a way to our a work round to increase the bend range on the Shruthi?

Go to the mod matrix, set “Bender” as the source, then send it to your destination at the amount you want. (-63 to 63) If you need more, make the same routing in another mod matrix slot. You can stack these signals until you reach the absolute highest or lowest not the Shruthi will put out.

Conversely, you may be using a MIDI controller that has a variable pitch bend range. For example, the JX-8P can have a range from 2 semitones to 7 semi tones. Most are calibrated to give a full octave up and down, but this tends to be an “under-the-hood” setting and may need to be properly set.

I can’t confirm at the moment, but I highly suspect that the “pitch-bend range” setting on the JX8P only affects the way the synth engine responds to pitch-bend - not the scale of the MIDI messages it sends.

@pichenettes: You may be right. I tend to use one JX-8P to control the other, and I know that when they are both hooked up the “pitch bend range” is the same on both. As both of the JX synths have that parameter it probably gets sent out and copied like any other sysex parameter.

I hope I was right about assigning multiple mod matrix parameters to increase the bend range. :wink:

The pitch bend range on my Alpha June just does its internals.

And does stacking work for all, so I could do a bunch of env>osc1+2 to get a larger ‘dominator’ pitch swoop?

The stacking doesn’t seem to work for me. I’m on v101

And if I do an env to pitch - 63 you can bend down either then. Is this a limitation?

Ok, I sat down with the synths to confirm some stuff as I have obviously messed up with my advice today. The Roland synths will not send their scaled pitch bend to an external synth. Now that that is out of the way, you can extend your pitch bend on the Shruthi - it is a bit of a work-around though.

Ok, you CAN NOT stack any one pitch routing as they have caps. So this means that you can not route the bender to osc 2 pitch at 63 twice. However, you can route the bender to osc 1 + 2 pitch at 63 THEN make the second routing bender to osc 2 pitch at 63. You can also add osc 1 pitch at 63 on top of that too. You can only extend each of these destinations ONCE. SO you can stack two pitch modulators. It would seem all sources follow these rules when applied to pitch, that includes envelopes.

You will notice that when you stack two envelopes to the same destination that the pitch does not exceed the maximum, but it will take time to get to the pitch sweep. You can use this as a delay before the decay portion of your envelope. So you can get creative with that.

Sorry about the wrong advice today. It would appear that the max pitch for the pitch modulation is no where near the max or min note the Shruthi can put out.

Cheers I’ll give that a try :slight_smile:

Let me know if it works for you as well. :slight_smile:
I do not know if that will solve the exact problem you wanted to or if you are willing to use three mod slots just to use that work around.
I also tried using the operators to multiply the bender by itself, but you still run into the same assignment cap. If you find a better way to do this, let me know.

I never realized that I had never tried routing the same source to a pitch destination twice. I just knew that this same method works with closing the filter or turning off the key tracking. Now I am wondering what the maximum and minimum modulation values are for all of the sources.
As most only need one mod slot, this may be entirely pointless