Wavetable Clicks and Non-Illuminating LED

Couple of little issues I’ve noticed. Maybe assembly errors, or maybe not.

1. Scrolling through the waves in a wavetable, I get small clicks. They’re faint, and most noticeable between less harmonically-rich waves, but they’re noticeable. Don’t notice them when the wavetable position is being modulated by an LFO etc., just when manually tweaking wavetable position with the encoder

2. In synthesis parameter mode (ie with the LED illuminated above S5), the LED above S4 doesn’t light when S4 is pressed. In Sequence/System mode, the LED does illuminate when S4 is pressed


1. It’s normal, a combined effect of the wavetable coarseness and the low resolution (128 steps) of the A/D scanning the pots.
2. In synthesis mode, the led above S4 reflects the value of the selected modulation source, so you can visualize LFOs, envelopes, etc.

Thanks for getting back to me. That makes sense. Glad neither is a result of something I did wrong.