Wavetable Beads -- Out and Back In?

Is it possible to take the wavetable osc out of beads, like through the right output, and then back in again, like—through the right input?—so that I can process it with an envelope/filter/etc?

Goal: Process just the wavetable osc, without also processing the reverb/grains.

Now that I write it, I think I can tell the answer is no–but maybe there’s an equivalent way to do this.

Bonus tip: input a slow sequence or just a few notes into wavetable mode, then audio-rate generate beads while it’s frozen, creating a drone, then riff on the sequence. Futuristic bagpipes.

This is not possible.

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I understand now. I was fundamentally misunderstanding the wavetable mode.

A few hints for future readers: The buffer is totally filled with the wavetable, so it’s not recording anything you do. If you want an amp envelope on the wavetable osc, just move the wet/dry totally to the wet side, and the grain size and shape are the amp envelope.

I would love to hear other people’s fun ideas of wavetable mode uses.

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