Waveshaping oscillator synth voice in 60HP?

Hi everyone!

I am really enjoying my Plaits, Rings, Beads synth voice(s) sequenced by my Digitone via a Poly 2.

I would like to “flesh out” the Plaits’ Waveshaping oscillator into a complete synth voice using another 4MS Pod60 (33mm deep) case. I would like to have to have a Tides, Warps, Blades be included in this synth voice; but I am getting stumped with the other required modules and the <29mm module depth limitation.


Am I going to need to go to an Intellijel 62HP Pallette case to have a complete voice?

Thank you for any input!

Screenshot (82)

Screenshot (81)

Screenshot (83)

I would really recommend getting the Palette – the extra VCAs and mixers are very useful, especially since Warps doesn’t have attenuators on ALGO and TIMBRE. You have 4-HP left… maybe consider an FX AID?

Do you need all those 1U VCAs? If not, maybe drop that down to two VCAs (I’ve used a different module, with some extra attenuation, but same function - no room for a Veils!) which will then give you a bit more room for something else? Maybe something like a force sense resistor for some hands / thumb on modulation? Mocked it up for you…

I have a 104 HP palette and the multiples and sums in the case are handy.

Looking for critiques on this waveshaping synth voice for a 4MS Pod60. Yes, I am going to need to mount the DSP on a riser.

Screenshot (85)

What are you using to control this (CV keyboard, sequencer, etc.)?

How about replacing the Pico DSP and one of the 2hp ADSRs with the ALM MFX?: ALM Busy Circuits ALM032 - MFX - Eurorack Module on ModularGrid

How about something like this:

User interface wise there is no little knobs. And looks cool!

O_C can be: ADSR / Quantiser - Sequencer / et.al.

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Ohhh the MFX looks very cute :slight_smile:

I am controlling this voice by a Digitone’s MIDI (4 tracks) via a Polyend Poly 2.

Some thoughts:

For some “eurorack modular” is a sandbox of endless possibilities. It is why I made my Moog Matriarch & VCV Rack via Expert Sleepers DC/audio interface (16out/12in). If I am going to be “at a desk” this is what I am going to use.

If I am spending time with my wife as she watches her TV shows I am going to be using my Digitone & minimalistic physical eurorack. For me this setting is best described by an Orson Wells’ quote as told by Henry Jaglom:

“One of the best things Orson Welles , my friend for 15 years, ever said to me was, ‘the enemy of art is the absence of (financial or physical) limitations.’”

The Enemy of Art Is the Absence of Limitations – Quote Investigator

For me the physical limitations of a 60HP by 25mm module depth is extremely freeing. If I am going to be needing more than this to be creative…. Well, that is what the Matriarch & VCV Rack is for.

The oscillator(s) & filters in Tides/Blades, like the oscillators & filters in the Matriarch is the “must have ingredient”. I am trying to bring a voice I can do at the desk to a 60HP by 25mm physical form. The effects will be done by the Digitone’s two audio inputs.

How about this:

Screenshot (88)

Based on my experience this would be a very versatile Mutable system for 60hp:

Blinds: 4 channel mixer with vca per channel which can also perform clean ring modulation.

OR: half wave rectifier / 3 or 6 channel mixer / OR logic / maximum cv mixer / audio distortion

Stages: the most versatile module in Eurorack (in my opinion). With the quimem firmware offers: any envelope imaginable / phase locked loop / slew limiter / versatile lfo’s / smooth or stepped random modulation / down sampling effect / basic LP filtering / turing machine / basic quantising / harmonic oscillator / v.o oscillators / et.al.

Tides: versatile oscillator or modulation source

Blades: versatile dual filter with distortion / wavefolding / 2 channel mixing

Thank you I agree that in 60HP the Warps was taking too much space. I will try the above in VCV then build it.

Any thoughts Emilie?

Get the modules quickly, since Blades will be discontinued once the last hundred ones are sent to dealers at the end of the month, and I’ve shipped the last remaining Warps this week. Stages is currently out of stock everywhere, and only a rather limited supply will be distributed.

If your setup is not ideal, I don’t think you will lose much reselling the modules, as the demand for Stages and Blades seems to be fairly high.

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Blades is getting discontinued? Did I know that? Do I need a second Blades? Oh gosh…

Keep in mind that some of the functionality that Stages can offer in Quimem firmware is probably not available in VCV.

Notable differences to the stock firmware: bipolar modulation / smmoth or stepped random / turing machine / see also Quimem user guide: