Wavefolder algorithms/schematics

Hi - looking for advice and opinions please!
I’ve been looking at wavefolder schematics. I’ve been playing with a few different wavefolders derived from the 259 and Lochart. I’ve looked at the Haible one but not yet breadboarded it.
Does anyone have any advice or suggestions as to which are “best” (!) and any suggestions as to which designs are worth looking at? Personal preferences and features are welcome please! As are pointers to interesting schematics! I’m looking at analog and have been looking at various models and simulations of various wavefolders but my aim is to build it in analog. This would be used alongside a few tzfm vcos (in eurorack) to add complexity/modulate timbre…
Thanks a lot!


I think you should certainly look at the Serge Wave Multipliers schematics too - or are the Lochart or Haible ones based on Serge in some way? (apologies, I’m not up on more recent designs - my schematic and PCB experience was all with Serge/STS in the early 1990’s.)

Thanks ! I’ve looked at the schematics for that module before but never tried it and not got around to breadboarding/stripboarding (I need to get some 3900s !!!)
How do you find it ?
(I should build one and try it myself I guess !!!)
Thanks again !

The schematics have been revised and re-interpreted by Ken Stone / Cat Girl Synth / CSG; they may still offer PCBs for DIY builds if you wanted to go that route, but they would be your best search for info on the Serge Waveshapers to start with. I believe this version differs slightly from the Serge '79 version, where each section of the TWS is different. Enjoy!

[Edit: I’m confusing myself between the TWS, Triple Waveshaper, and the VCM, Wave Multiplier. It’s the Wave Multipliers that are more like wavefolders, and that module is the one with three different sections. The Waveshaper I linked to is a horse of another color!]


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Thanks - CGS also has a couple of more up to date versions of it as well… I’ve also seen some schematics on electro music… (I’m keeping a large directory of wavefolder schematics, simulations, etc as and when I find them :slight_smile: )
I’ll probably breadboard the Serge ones to try out (if I used them I’d lay out an SMT board…). It’s quite tricky to know which ones to go for - you sort of need to build them all to compare !!! (I’m hoping to short circuit the process by seeing if anyone else has been through this process because I’m lazy :slight_smile: )

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I don’t know which one is best, I don’t believe in such a thing, but as it happens I finished up a version of the haible/yusynth wavefolder last week and made something based on the serge/cgs wave multiplier schematics a little while back. I don’t think you can go wrong with either, they are both wonderful.

I did make a lockhart folder once upon a time and found it a bit lackluster. I don’t think I was giving it enough gain, I think I was only getting one or two folds. Also I think people often chain multiple lockhart circuits back to back for more effect. I’m sure it could be made better but I haven’t investigated further yet.

As far as I know the lockhart folder is it’s own thing but I think the haible design started off as an attempt to emulate the middle section of the serge wave multipliers but it turned into something else. The circuitry is completely different regardless.

Also … Hi Kent! It’s Matt from the ranch.


Thanks a lot! I’ll have to build them all! :slight_smile:

So @forestcaver, how did the wavefolder explorations go? Id second everything said here, most of those circuits do the same thing but in their own color, thats why youd need to see if it fits inside your rig, just by testing it. As a curious side note, that “Machine” pedal from zvex, thats a wavefolder too, i think its two stages in series, Lockhart configuration. On guitar of course its like a flurry fuzz, tonewise i didnt like it a lot, but its pretty simple to give it a try.

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If you want to understand the two main topologies in detail, Aaron Lanterman has done some excellent lecture series on both and discussed many of the variations in the process. Here are a couple links, but there are more on his channel.

Serge Wave Multiplier:

Buchla Timbre Circuit:


I tried a few including buchla and serge (middle algorithm). I’m now waiting for 4hp pcbs of a modified serge wavefolder :slight_smile:

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