Warps won't take an update

Hi all, trying to update my Warps to Parasite but nothing seems to happen when I follow the update procedure.

I turn the system on with the button held, it flashes Orange, I use a mono or stereo cable (tried both) into the carrier 1 input (bottom left) and start the file with the level pot turned up all the way and the device cranked to max.

Nothing changes, the algorithm dial doesn’t change as it should and the orange light just flashes. I figure it may be so low it can’t hear it at all but I’ve tried out of my iPhone X, iPad Pro, and my USB sound card and nothing. I’ve even tried the official firmware and nothing changes. Any clue?

Signal might be too loud, start at a lower volume, then increase it till Warps responds.

Unfortunately not, I’ve swept the volume quite a bit and no response. I believe it works correctly, I can crossfade between two signals pretty normally

Is there any video of the update process out there? I haven’t found it myself

This sounds/feels like it’s some arcane process that was whispered to me at midnight by a spey wife, but I swear every single MI update I do, I use a mono cable straight out of my mac’s internal soundcard and play the file in Quicktime 7 and it never fails.

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Wish I had a Mac with QuickTime then, but yeah I’ve managed to also try with a laptop and still no response, hi or lo level. I’ve also tried running through Ableton, no clipping, nothing.

Would there be anything I could do to verify it’s in a state to take an update?

Is it a factory built Warps?

Yep, it’s a genuine Warps, and as far as I can tell it works, even the carrier A that I’m supposed to use to update it. Due to the nature of the module it’s difficult for me to tell how well it’s operating, but cross fading seems to work.

Just out of curiosity… If you power on the module normally, and play the audio file (with, for example, Warps is crossfading mode with TIMBRE set counterclockwise), can you hear the audio file? Do all knobs operate normally?

I believe everything operates normally, I’ve tried running my Dixie and my Plaits in and crossfading between them. I’ve tried the vocoder with random spoken samples through the iPad I’m using to attempt an update, believe that works too. Even the levels out of it seem comparable to going straight through it. I can definitely hear the audio file if fed through, to the best of my human ears.

In bootloader mode, it’s not responding to anything, just flashing. That’s if I run the update in with all trim pot positions, all levels on my iPad, or even if I feed it the Plaits output, and that seems weird to me. I’ve tried both carrier inputs to be sure :confused:

Contact me through the form on the Mutable Instruments website, you can send the module back to me for me to look at it (and attempt the update).

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