Warps VCA not closing on one channel?

This is probably me being dumb, however…

I have two signals going into Warps, with both level inputs being modulated by a multed envelope from Maths. Channel 1 closes to silence nicely, but Channel 2, although being modulated to some degree, doesn’t close by quite a way and there is constant sound. I am testing this in Crossfade mode and have swapped the cables, mult outputs etc. to no avail.


When did you buy it? Have you installed parasites on it?

2-3 months ago, no Parasites.

Send it back to me and I’ll have a look. But after january 2nd please.

Ok, thanks. How do I go about doing that?

Send me a private message and I’ll give you my address.

Time to revive this thread! Been having the same issue as OP, but channel 1 won’t fully close. Troubleshooted in the same way, multing identical envelopes to each level CV and the same audio to each input. Crossfading revealed that channel 1 still let’s signal through. Any thoughts?

Edit: I should clarify. I did have Parasites installed, but have since reinstalled the factory firmware.

Please run the calibration procedure.

Must have run calibration wrong before! Just ran the procedure again and it seems to be working fine now. :+1:

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