Warps Parasite v1.0: an alternative firmware for MI Warps


Hi wigglers,

Here is the latest Parasite, my series of alternative firmware for Mutable Instruments modules. This time for Warps, the modulator extraordinaire! As usual, you can download it and (carefully) read the (meticulously written) documentation here:


This firmware adds the following features to the module:

  • An easy interface to switch between 9 modes, each determining a different function for the module. The stock mode (morph between algorithms) is now called Meta-mode, and is only one of 9. The easter egg (frequency-shifter) is another.
  • Most modes take the stock algorithms and go deeper into them, with two dimensions of control instead of one; some are completely new functionalities.
  • New features include: a dual chorus/flanger/slapback, a binaural panner with doppler-effect simulation, a dual bit-mangler, a Chebyschev waveshaper.

Consequently, all features of the official firmware are left untouched and still accessible (with a few exceptions mentioned in the documentation).

Version 0.9 is the first official release. (it still had a couple of rough edges, that’s why I didn’t name it v1.0)
Version 0.95 incorporated an upstream fix regarding the frequency shifter, and tweaked the hiss/distortion model in the analog delay emulation.
Version 1.0 rewrote the delay code entirely, including separate dry/wet and feedback, and continuously variable rate.

… and if you like this work, please consider donating to the project! There is a button under the download link. Every cent goes back to electronic musicians, by way of me buying your records!


Nice one MQ might have to get a Warps now


Cool, looking forward to trying this!



So cool! Don’t own a Warps yet, but this is making me lust even more for it. Do you happen to have a demo of the binaural panning?


Wow. Excited to install this.


Awesome, am loving it, great work, thank you!


Such a great “upgrade”! Makes me wanna buy a second Warps! Kudos Matthias :slight_smile:


what an wonderful piece of work - bravo!


Hi, I bought the Warps last week and i’m still exploring it. I install the parasite firmware that is great. I’d like to know if its possible to install the original firmware back to explore more then come back again with the parasite. If yes, where can I find the original?
Thanks a lot.


Yes, it’s possible. I uploaded it on the Muffwiggler thread, it’s over there.


Your Parasites made me buy three Warps, and two tides. Cheers!


That’ll make Olivier happy I guess…


Parasites is a really nice addition for Warps. It is really nicely done.


New version uploaded! v1.0 has a new delay algorithm with variable rate, and a new Chebyschev waveshaper mode.


Downloaded and installed this morning been playing with the delays all day.Great work MQ :smiley: