Warps Operation

i’m having a little trouble figuring out the usage of warps. reading the signal flow chart, i’d assume that when the internal osc is enabled, i should be able to hear the internal oscillator without having patched any other signal into it from the AUX output and be able to play it with v/oct into the level-input of the internal osc, right? currently in this completely basic setup of just using AUX output, internal osc activated and v/oct or nothing into level-input i hear nothing. is this a misunderstanding of proper operation or should i look into something?

greetings and thanks&^

Is your module brand new? If not, is it running an alternative firmware or has it been set to the frequency shifter easter egg?

it’s not “brand” new, but i bought it new a while ago, didnt have time to dive in yet. so it should be running stock firmware and i doubt that i have entered easter egg mode accidentally.

EDIT: i’ve tried per your suggestion. it really was in easter-egg mode! what a relief, sorry for not testing this, i have no idea how it got in that state. everything works now as it should. thanks pichenettes!

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