Warps internal oscillator waveforms

I just got my hands on Warps and have a question about the internal oscillator:
In the documentation you can see that each type of waveform (green, yellow and red) have some variations and some mysterious knob (?) that controls them; sine to saw, triangle to pulse and saw to noise.

How do I control the variations?

The oscillator is switched arround with the button (int. osc)
The vocoder works beter with more complex waves so when you are in the last 3 algoritmes the oscillator will change to another wave (depending on the color)

So the above knob is the algoritme knob and the led light is the int. osc led.

Ohh. I see. So in different modes the waveform is different. That makes sense.
No manual way to change the waveform then.

As shown in the image above there is two sets of waveforms, these change based on the mode. Sine, triangle and ramp for the modes up to 2PM of the ALGO knob and ramp, pulse and noise beyond that.
You can change waveform anytime by pressing the button. Just try it out and trust your ears (or your eyes. Hint: it’s the LED colour!)
Edit: to adress your previous question: there’s no morphing between waveforms, you just change them with the button

Thanks again. I knew how to change the oscillator mode. I just thought you somehow could morph between two variations on each mode. Now I understand that the waveform variations are tied to the different modulations.

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