Warps: FM AND wavefolding?

Bonjour, I have a question regarding Warps, to which I cannot seem to find a comprehensive answer online so far. If I use the internal OSC and run a modulating VCO into the T0-FM input, can I add wavefolding to the FM sound in crossfold mode? In my head, this should work, because the wavefolder receives the sum of input 1 and 2, correct? However, just wanted to ask you good folks over here to be sure ^^

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Yes it works.



In the manual it says in addition to the sum of the two signals there is also ā€œa tiny bit of cross-modulation product is added to spice things up.ā€ Iā€™m curious how this tiny bit was decided upon and what the expression for it might be.

How much?

The process?
Compile, listen, curate :slight_smile:


This makes perfect sense! I am appreciating all the little touches in Warps, way. Outside of complex oscillating, I have been enjoying the crossfader mixer and modulation mangler.

All hail the glowing knob!


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