Warps - Did I break it hunting for the Egg?



New to the community - I love all the info and insight here and of course the amazing modules from MI. Before I found the combo to unlock the egg I got side-tracked by the “ROXANNNNE” hints - I set the dial to 4 (red) pressed the osc. button until the “red” light came on - then… pressed and held that button for 5-8 seconds. Everything lit up and was flashing and when I held it again for another 5-8 seconds the colors changed but were still flashing (rather cooly) … … … Did I stumble into some sort of calibration thing by accident? There is definitely a “warped” character to the sound it makes in this mode but…I’m not sure if this is a real mode. Did I break anything up while dialing around in this state?


Probably not. If you have doubt, you can post a video of what the module is doing.