Warps: control internal oscilator level/volume?

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I apologize if this is obvious from the manual or explored elsewhere–I’ve not been able to find/decipher such info.

I understand how to control the pitch of the internal oscillator, but it sounds constantly–at least in the way(s) I have it wired up. I am running Warps as a standalone effects module for external gear, so would prefer the control to be internal to the module in some way.

Is anyone doing this?

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It’s not possible to control the level of the int. osc. before it hits the modulation algorithm, unfortunately. What I sometimes do is self-patch AUX back into Input 2 so I can use Level 1 as my frequency control and Level 2 as a level control. But then of course you lose the ability to process external audio through it…

Synthesizer oscillators always run. It’s the job of the VCA to alter the volume. Usually you use the gate trigger of a keyboard/sequencer to tell an envelope module to “run” and the CV output of the envelope to vary the VCA volume.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

If I understand correctly, the carrier input also modulates the internal osc but with different behavior than the level input. Is this correct? It looks like it routes to both phase mod and the VCA.

Wonder if that input can take CV levels and be programmed to osc level. I can route an osc from my 0-coast, but it would be ideal to not use up an osc for this… Off to experiment.

Thanks again.

> Wonder if that input can take CV levels and be programmed to osc level

No, because this input (which is used for FM) is AC-coupled, so it can only take audio-rate signals. It won’t “see” a slow envelope.