Warps Algorithm knob imperfection

Hi there, long-time Wiggler, just bought my first MI module and ran into an unexpected thing.
The module was bought used and came with Parasites installed. When in “Meta” mode, there is no difference between the #2 and #3 vocoders. That is, the release time doesn’t change when going from the second to the third vocoder.
So I’m wondering whether this might be an issue within Parasites. Or might it be a calibration thing? (This i doubt since the calibration seems to have more to do with CV than the physical knob position.) I’m tempted to install the original firmware to check out the behavior there, and then decide whether to reinstall Parasites or not (man I love those delays). But thought i’d check here first.

Looks like a calibration issue - a small offset voltage on the ALGO input is equivalent to shifting the pot CW or CCW by a few degrees.

Well, I had the idea over coffee this morning to see what happens when I give it some CV at the 8th setting, to see if it pushes that vocoder to infinite. I’ll try later today. But since this issue is when there is no CV, I figured the calibration wouldn’t be able to affect it since it’s the physical location of the knob.

Or maybe I’m looking at it backward, and the calibration adjusts the software to where the knob location sits rather than the other way around?

Either way, I’ll give it a try this afternoon. Thx.

That’s the crux of the problem… How can the microcontroller know there is no CV? By measuring the value read on the CV input ADC and comparing it to a reference value that defines the zero. This “null” value is set and saved in persistent memory during the calibration process.

Okay then, thanks. Calibration solved it. I was concerned that I didn’t have a “precision” voltage source, but Ableton with Expert Sleepers ES-3 did it just fine.