Wanted: MI Modules as Reason rack extension

I would pay for a RE Elements.

I use Reason nearly every day, so that would be nice : ) But i think this would be unlikely given Reasons (and particularly Rack extensions) small user base. Hence the Rack Extension shop being full of small/start up developers, and very few bigger ones.
Also, great though im sure Elements is, how many typical Reason users would it appeal to? Im thinking not so many…

Still, at a guess the man for the job (if he was interested) would be Michael Hetrick of Unfiltered Audio. He’s made some Rack extensions already, and also makes stuff for NI’s Reaktor. Im pretty sure I read somewhere that some of his Reaktor blocks were inspired by Mutable Instruments modules.
So he would know how to do it im sure… The question is, whether it would interest him, and be worth his time?

I think you might be underestimating the size of the Reason and Rack Extension user base, especially in comparison to Eurorack. But it’s always tricky to estimate that stuff if you don’t have all the facts. As for how many it’d appeal to, I think probably more than you’d think. Reason’s already a DAW with some pretty deep modular stuff and MI’s design is really approachable

In any event, I’d just personally think it’d be really cool to see some Mutable Instrument modules in the Reason rack. And not only because I work at Propellerhead and also have a Eurorack addiction… :wink:

Hello Mattias : )
Yes, Reason has been very modular right from V1.0, which has always been something I especially liked about it. It is certainly one of Reasons trump cards over other DAW’s. At least in electronic music circles anyway.

User base: I think i’ve a pretty good idea of where Reason is at in the grand scheme of things. Thats going on conversations i’ve had with RE devs or from what i’ve seen them publicly post online. Plus of course various online DAW popularity type polls. But yeah, maybe that isn’t entirely relevant anyway given the boutique nature of modular.

Perhaps im just being pessimistic on the Mutable RE front so that any unexpected nice surprises are then that much sweeter ; ) So of course i’d like to see it happen as much as you.

gphg: You could always ask some RE developers? Many are likely capable enough, but as mentioned, Mr Hetrick of Unfiltered Audio is the obvious one that springs to mind. Indeed he’s a member here also.

The source code of Elements is public and portable, it’s only a day of work for someone already familiar with the RE architecture, and with a few plug-ins in its portfolio to reuse UI assets and code from. There’s a published example showing how to invoke Elements’ rendering classes.

As for me… I don’t want to learn something that is neither technically new/challenging, nor profitable, and would somehow compromise my brand. “Wow they make REs now? Why not VSTs/AUs?”, “They are truly selling plug-ins behind a faceplate!”. That would be a distraction, I prefer focusing on what I do well: hardware products.

Thanks Pichenettes for your answer, I understand.

Would the GNU license be a problem? since Reason Rack Extensions are closed source (afaik).

A very fair point, company-wise Mutable Instruments is simply amazing at hardware modules and it seems to be going very well so why dilute and confuse. :slight_smile:

As for the Elements source code, it’s still Open Source, right? I’m not very familiar with how such a license works, does that means it needs to be distributed with the same terms?

For the original poster: an RE dev that might be interested is Pitchblende, he’s developed REs for a bunch of developers already (Selig, Jiggery-Pokery etc.) and has also made his own devices: http://pitchblende.co.nz/

Lectric Panda is also a company that might be interested. They’ve already developed Euro-influenced RE devices, like the quite brilliant PSQ: http://lectricpanda.com/

anosou - open source licenses vary. But GPL - which is what the Elements source is, IIRC - specifies that you’d have to release your derivative as GPL code. You can’t make a closed-source product containing GPL code. (You can make one dependent, but not containing, but that’s clearly not an option here.)

So if it’s not possible to open-source the source code for Rack Extension, then there’s an issue. I believe it should be, though - you just can’t include the RE SDK, and have to force the users to go get it themselves. I think that’s the case, anyhow: I’m not a lawyer.

> But GPL – which is what the Elements source is, IIRC […]

Actually MI source code is not GPL, it’s MIT/X which allows commercial use and closed-source products. So there would be no issue making a closed-source product containing MI’s code, as long as it is cited and comes with a copy of the MIT licence.

> Would the GNU license be a problem?

All the recent modules are MIT.

Thanks for the clarifications! :slight_smile:

Thank you for clarifying.

I believe only the ARM based modules are MIT, the AVR modules (Branches, Grids, etc.) are GPL3.

Also, huhh, it doesn’t help that some files in the Elements codebase appear to have the wrong opens ource licence headers.

As of today, there is this Rack Extension, which I read contains code by Olivier. It looks to have quite a strong Elements/Rings flavour.

I shall give it a go shortly : )

Propellerheads have announced Reason will be supporting VST plugins in the future.


^ Indeed they have. I have mixed feelings on it, but I guess its a good thing on the whole.

This Resonans RE is pretty nice though! There is definitely more than a hint of Mutable in there…

WOW, it’s amazing :slight_smile: