Waldorf String Synth and Vocoder STVC

Looks like a Streichfett in a box with extra features?

I love their design language. Though the modwheels, which appear to be the same as on the Blofeld, are crap.

Was it designed by Designbox / Axel Hartmann?

Those mod wheels are on their Eurorack synth case thing too. They work but I prefer a detent on the wheel.

Yes, I know. I have a Blofeld and those plastic nipples on the wheels just have this horrible cheap feel to them.
BTW the modwheel on my blofeld is weird in other respects too. When I first turn the wheel after powering the synth on, it reaches its max value after 1/4 of the travel. Once it has been turned all the way up, it will adjust the range so that the whole value range of 0-127 actually matches the full physical travel

The Sonic State video from NAMM shows that the sound has been enhanced. Give the original unit was running on a single ARM chip this perhaps has more grunt?

Probably a 168 or 180 MHz F4 or F7 compared to the 72 MHz F3 they used on the original product.

BTW I figured out how they did it :slight_smile: Full polyphony and several saw+square “harmonics” per note, just for slightly more than the cost of 12 Polyblep oscillators. The code will be made available in a few months.


Not sure if this is insider information or a hint for the next MI releases…

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It seemed like a good product until they decided to charge so much for it. 900 euros or so?