Waldorf Pulse Poti

Hello Everybody

I’m searching the following part for my pulse. And it’s the potentiometer RK11k114 10kLin Stereo .

Does somebody of you know where i can find those?


Best, John

Which pot is this?

Is one of the six pots… Waldorf told me that i need this ones… But reichelt does not have them…

Mouser has serveral models of dual 10k lin pots in the 11mm form factor. What you need to do is to measure (if possible) the length of shafts, bushings and all that. Any Bourns, Taiwan Alpha etc pot will work as long as the pinning is the same. A quick data sheet comparison will probably tell you it is, but check to be sure.

I’m sure it’s better than the extortionate amount Farnell wants for the inevitable US-only models they have in store (I looked). Albs in Germany may have some if you give them a ring.

Good selection of pots at this place, and shipping is not too expensive.



Thanks for the Link Dunk! I could organize them from Waldorf. The original ones… Finally… :slight_smile:

Thanks also to Jojjelito! :slight_smile: