Waldorf micro q - display replacement?

so it seems that i bought a micro q kb yesterday.
(not that i was desperately in need of another synth, but this one had been on my list for a while, and it was a bit of an opportunity)

my first impression is quite positive: very solid build, nice touch-sensitive kb, and it sounds better than i had anticipated.

so far, my only gripe is that pale-blue-on-off-white display. man, that’s fugly.
i’ve seen other people replace their micro q displays with oleds. but those only seem to exist in yellow, blue and green. yellow would work well with a yellow micro q, but mine is blue.
i’d love a nice red-on-black display, to go with the red encoder cap and red leds. i do have a red display like that on one of my shruthis. but i can’t remember where i sourced that.

so here are my questions:

does anybody here know where to get a 2x16 red-on-black lcd display?

and does anybody have any experience with replacing micro q displays?

Congrats, I’ve just bought a MicroQ rack myself :slight_smile:

There’s two displays below I’ve found. The OLED depth is lower (10mm vs 13.5mm) but that’s because OLED are more compact.

LCD option is less risky IMHO.



nice find, thanks!

hm, given the oled price, i guess i’ll opt for the lcd solution.

unfortunatley there seems to be no way of finding out rapidonline’s shipping fees to berlin without registering and going through their order process.
i’ll see if i can find a different, more transparent source for that part…

hm, can’t seem to find any other source for the winstar one.
before i order that one from rapid, i might give this supercheap one from ebay a try.
any other suggestions?

You can get OLEDs at tme.eu as well. The lower 5 are 80x44 and will fit some other old synths like Yamaha DX7 and such like. The same colors and more exist for LCDs. Reichelt has some too. Any 80x36mm HD44780-based (or compatible) thing will work.

There is a guy on ebay selling OLED kits for the uQ. It’a a weird size (i am doing the mod for someone right now…), NOT a 16x2 (20x2)

@jojjelito: thanks for pointing out tme.eu - will have a look at what they have to offer…

@altitude Good to know. I have a Q rack myself so I’m stuck with what is offered at 40x2 or whatever that particular rack has. Gonna check mine when I get back home.

Here we go: TME.eu for 20x2

Please count the characters on the uQ display before taking the plunge, it would end up costing a bit if you don’t.

The part # i provided is what was in the kit I received so you can cross check specs off that…

The Raystars at TME have the same dimensions, both the carrier PCB outline and the viewing area. The PCB looks alike too, and the Winstar controller is the same on the Raystar. As far as I can tell they should cross.

If you can get hold of a blue OLED or white…. order one for me, too. And one for t2K. We should start a µQK Owners Club :wink:

@fcd72: i think tme had all kinds of colors. if i do order there, i’ll have a look it they also have blue on black oled. i’ll be in touch. i’ll probably not have the time to place an order before xmas, though…

A blue on Black or White on Black would be awesome. Lets wait for T2K to chime in.
Thinking about, i need 2…. or shall i leave my µQr untouched???

if you need more than one, i think i’d prefer you to order one for me instead of me ordering two for you. :wink:

Oh, it’s so nice of you to think of me. I’m in for two. :slight_smile:

jojjelito wrote:

> Please count the characters on the uQ display before taking the plunge, it would end up costing a bit if you don’t.

oops, you’re right, it seems to be more than 2x16 characters - i’m counting 2x18?
i got the 2x16 from googling something like ‘micro q display replacement’…

so what is ist, 2x18? or 2x20 with 2x2 unused characters?

i’ll also better open up my mq and measure the display assembly.
no idea when i’ll find the time to do that, though.
so if any of you mq owners want to be the first to do this, go ahead and let us know what you find. :slight_smile:

Trust Altitude! He knows what he’s doing. I got the 16x2 from the initial post and just went with it. He’s in the process of fixing a uQ and said it’s 20x2, that’s good enough for me. Please know that I got no skin in this particular game as I’ve got a Q rack, NOT a uQ. They could be the same, I have no way of checking that either at this particular time.

Anyway, it seems that 20x2 it is!

You are in charge of ordering since its your idea :wink: Hello µQdisplayFairy!

ok, so i tried this 20x2 red on black lcd from tme today. physically, it does indeed look very similar to the original display. so i wired it up in exactly the same way as the original, plugged it in and powered up the synth.

the display remained dark. i kept it powered for a little while to see if the other leds would come alive, i.e. if the synth would boot up. they did, but then smoke started to come from the replacement display, and one capacitator on the back of the display started to glow yellow, so i aborted the test. that cap now looks very burnt.

so i’m afraid i can’t recommend this display as a drop-in replacement for the original. :frowning:

You need to check the backlight voltage. Older synths use a backlight which is at a high voltage, there’s an inverter circuit which takes care of that. Often you have to remove the inverter and insert a resistor to drop the voltage down to the required level.

Example being the Korg Wavestation A/D