Waldorf goes Wolfgang Palm (Nave)

I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not, but there’s some blurb on Facebook plus a Youtube video presenting the new Waldorf Nave iPad synth


Guess that they too realized that it’s easier to make a buck off some concept software than supporting somewhat bug-ridden proprietary hardware.

Mostly i hear sludgy FX and some Wavetable Sounds…

Well, I’m not saying it’s fantastic either… Next: Roland iBellows - virtual iPad MIDI accordion. You heard it here first.


Shows its basically a 2 OSC Wavetable Synth with integrated FX - a thing they do since 1989. Nothing really new here albeit id like to see the Speech synthesis.

Q: I own 3 MicroWaves, do i need the nave?
A: It comes with a nice Sticker.

the most (only) interesting thing about it as far as i’m concerned:
posting videos is supported now?? how?

Nope, thats not included in iOS already…

mac users can post vids here and others can’t?

Ah you mean posting videos here - yes, thats Mac Only :wink:

Try " Kopierteadressevonyoutubeausbrowserfenster " : Kopierteadressevonyoutubeausbrowserfenster

And nave has superinnovative ADSR Envelopes.

the ADSR are surely not more impressive than d:machinery’s (btw looking for beta droolers?)

The sad thing is they dropped the Microwaves 8 Stage Wave envelope, now you just can “animate” the movement - so its actually a loss of sonic flexibility…

d:machinery? Whats that?

it’s that übercool new brand established recently by that weird old german dr strangelove type guy…

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