Waldorf Eurorack Keyboard


At least an interesting concept, we’ll see what these modules are up to.
The compressor is a really cool idea, but more competition is comping as classic FX companies as Lexicon and Eventide are rumored to have Euro FX designs in the coming. Seems to be a market here :wink:


All the Waldorf modules are waaaaaay wider than they need to be IMHO. They seem to have laid them out the controls as if they were standalone instruments, not modules. If I had unlimited rack-space, I’d be tempted by all of them, but I don’t, so I’m not.


Other modules from companies entering Eurorack are wider than existing designs as well. For example, if you look at the Random Source Serve Wave Multiplier module, there is extra panel space on either side of the module: http://randomsource.net/serge_euro . I personally feel a lot of Euro modules have gotten too cramped in an attempt to save rack space. Especially since the use of a large amount of low-HP modules can exceed case power limitations.These newer more spaced out designs are perhaps more realistic for actual use.

This more space-hungry design may have another positive side effect, too: in a live situation this is definetely more handy.

There’s already two keyboard-cases out there, the WMD Monolith one and the Super37 by Super Synthesis. They lack the additional wheels and controls though.

Agree with toneburst, much too wide to do me much good. I tend to go with narrow, and for DIY designs, end up making many of my own panels. DMR is correct about some designs being cramped but I’d rather that than wasted panel space.

Interested to see what the cost of the keyboard turns out to be. The Super37 is cool but way too expensive to be practical, at least for me. WMD version seems pricey too.

I ended up buying a pair of inexpensive Roland MIDI controllers to use with my Eurorack setup. $200.00 CAD each, comes with wheels, buttons and the D Beam thing.

I doubt the Waldorf Keyboard will be cheap. But if someone could make one for under $300 that would be amazing. It would probably have to be korg.

That reminds me, I need to sell the Waldorf NW1 :slight_smile: it was okay, but the Shapeshifter blows it away.

@6581punk can the Shapeshifter do wavetable-recording, too? That’s the feature of the NW1 that interests me most.


You can change the wavetables, but not record any. It has a ton more features than the Waldorf though, wavefolding, etc

And is nearly as double as expensive…

Yeah. But more than double the sonic potential IMHO. The NW1 takes up more space too.

The keyboard case looks to be the best in the market at the moment. I do think that the modules are too wide as well. Thanks to Reaktor 6, there is no reason for me personally to buy the mod1 module. I am sure that mod1 will cost over $200, what a full Reaktor license costs these days.

the kb looks useful.
they might have added an arp/seq.

The keyboard and case itself felt very well constructed indeed, possibly even some people might find it too heavy (if you consider it for live use)? Price wise it’s going to be somewhere in the 800 to 1000 Euros I believe.

@audiohoarder no reason you have to only use Waldorf modules in it, though.

I’m with you on the width issue though. All the Waldorf modules seem waay wider than they need to be, to me.