Waiting for Ambika

https://soundcloud.com/secretmessagetv/waiting-for-ambika Shruthi-1 SMR drone, Simpler pads from Ladder sample and Shruthi-1 Ladder percussion through Valhalla fx and mastered in Adobe Audition :slight_smile:

That was cool!

Are you waiting for an Ambika? Or are you building one?

I’ve been “waiting” for a couple of years ever since they were first introduced. However, that wait will soon be over. There’s an Ambika in customs now that will be on my desk by Monday night. I picked up on the sweet deal for a 6x4P built by Altitude at MSW from Marzzz on the board. I seem to have gotten over enough of my novice synthesis skills development making it time to upgrade the studio for next-level sound and music recording :slight_smile: