Vox Humana

Yea, ofcourse the context matters, it was a silly little joke :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: well to be honest, with numan it was the combination of the synth, great basslines and drums too. Shame both band members are no longer with us.

Yes, because, when the sound is whiny and a bit ugly, it’s not best when IT IS whiny and ugly, but when it’s used as a whiny and ugly color.
Hey, even “Greensleeves” performed with otamatones has such high quality of humor and cuteness that it becomes rather beautiful and heartwarming…

Well the original sound is sort of organ inspired, since vox humana is a setting on most organs.

“voice of man” is still a big overinterpretation :smiley:

Gents, thanks for feedback!

You guessed it right :slight_smile:
I tried to follow the usual recipe: saw + pulse, LFOs on pitch and pwm. Too much LFO actually, it sounds almost out of tune. Still doesn’t nail the original, though…
Your patch is built in a different way, could you explain the idea behind?
Btw, I’ve seen in the other thread your Ambika has SMR4 voicecards, I’m using 4P here, but that shouldn’t make much difference.

Films is staggering :slight_smile:

My Vox Humana patch attached.

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Georges, I read your long post yesterday. Lots of valuable info there, I don’t get it at all - why have you deleted it?

jjuhkam, could you comment on your patch, please - see the question three posts above

Georges, up to you…

I did a VH patch soon after building my SMR Ambika. I never got round to fiddling with the code to lower the minimum fm depth, which would get slightly better results I think. Never saved the patch though…

I did one on my Blofeld with some Phase 100 which sounds lovely, demo here: https://soundcloud.com/radiantsuicide/vox-numana