Vox Humana


Tricky to get right…

I’ve read here and there on the net, tried to follow this advice:

checked the thread on this forum as well:

got nothing close to real Polymoog samples as here:

Has anyone managed to make a convincing Vox Humana patch on Ambika?

Btw, I’m still confused about one thing: Vox Humana was a present on the later Polymoog model (280a) that was not equipped with a formant filter - or was it?

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Maybe this thread will help?


"i have just found out that its a sawtooth on one osc, pw wave on 2nd osc,
both modulated at different rates with LFO pitch, then pulse width modulated at yet another rate, "

BTW, if you’ve heard it on Numan records and want something similar then you have to remember many of his early records (Pleasure Principle for instance) were made by passing synths through guitar FX.


Thanks, I’ve seen the discussion you linked, I must have browsed through all of them for that matter :slight_smile:
I know about guitar effects on Numan records as well.

Little help, same question - has anyone got it right on Ambika?

The polymoog is an odd beast. Sometimes you need the right combination of filter and oscillators. In the case of the polymoog, it has more in common with a string synthesizer than a normal subtractive synth.

I think I read somewhere that the Polymoog Did have a formant filter, or something similar.
I may have dreamt that, though…


The original version did, but that didn’t have the vox humana sound.

Ah, thanks for the clarification 6581Punk.


the vox humana preset has 2 lfo at different rates for the 2 osc and it modulates the filter mixed to cutoff it has inbuilt lowpass and fixed 3 stage banpass filter and a hipass filter

the original and the later if it was fitted had a resonator made up of 3 svf filters and they were fixed variable and had filter cutoff res and volume gain amounts they each had a fixed variable amount band region and it could be lowpass or highpass or bandpass there was also a connection for notch not fitted on the original switch the late jh made a hardware version with the notch included the polymoog was not really a poly synth as the filter was mono as is the resonator so it was more paraphonic being poly notes but mono synth features

i recreated this resonator in a dsp modular for scope with the creator of the bcmodular modules

the resonator was only hand controlled and not voltage controlled by vc if a shruthi version was to be made you would need 3 2pole svf filters and 3 vca one for each band they are in parallel and each is set to a separate frequency range bands to make a total control type you would need 9cv control voltages if you were planning to make it a active resonator vocal formant can be easily created with 3 bandpass filters and if the frequency is set and you modulate the res and vca you can get the vocal formants to sing the notch was just the lowpass and band pass summed

but if you take the output from the lowpass and the hipass and take them to either side of pot and the output is the wiper you can get a frequency range that goes from lowpass to notch to hipass like it is on the sem

>>Has anyone managed to make a convincing Vox Humana patch on Ambika?

Why should I do so? The vstream samples are excellent. I have a set of those samples in my EX5R and another in my Blofeld.

Thanks, your post is highly informative… and barely possible to digest at the same time :slight_smile:

To learn? To recreate the classic? To make use of a synth you’ve built? Just for the sake of it?
True, those samples sound great…

Given the amount of modulation and editability on the Polymoog (ie. almost none) you don’t lose that much by sampling it.


here is the dsp modular version of the polymoog resonator on my version the vcf frequency and res and the gain is all vc controllable which goes way beyond what the polymoog could do with its fixed controls

Is that similar?

yes thats similar

I uploaded it in this thread if you’re interested:

Allow me a little experiment - here’s the patch by jjuhkam, my attempt and sampled Polymoog. I’ve tried to match volume and vca envelope, no fx.

Which is which and which sounds like the real thing? :slight_smile:

Pretty tough. 2 and 3 seem the most “analogue”. I think 2 is the PolyMoog.

Stick a bit of reverb and chorus on them and they would all be convincing enough.

1 is my fav.

My guess is:

  1. is yours 2. is mine 3. is sampled polymoog

For now, the biggest difference lies in filter I think…

But hey, what difference does it make, it’s a pretty ugly sound :smiley:

Ugly sound? I think it’s pretty haunting if used right. Films by Numan is a great song with it.