Vote now! Eurorack Essential Features Survey 2020

Is there something you wish every Eurorack module had? Think reverse power protection, comprehensive documentation, or user-updatable firmware. Vote on 18 community-driven features and I’ll share the results here and on other Eurorack forums:

Some notes:

  • The survey closes on Sunday, September 27th at 11:59pm Eastern time (ET).
  • Results will be shared publicly and raw data is available on request (
  • I am a Eurorack user doing this survey for fun, and am not affiliated with any business or other private entity.

Automatic release on Dauw label😉

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Nice! The questions thought of a lot of standardization, but some best practices for electronics/EMC could be addressed too.

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not on the survey but… I bought a module with a ridiculously thick face panel (think more than twice as thick as any other module)… if manufacturers’ are reading the survey, this should be a “not a deal breaker, but why?

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Thank you to the 300+ folks who responded to this survey! Just a reminder that the survey closes Sunday night :slight_smile:

Thank you to everyone who participated in this survey! The final report is now available:


Thank you for the effort. Interesting findings!
Let’s hope they are taking into account by manufacturers.

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I find it interesting that manufacturers care about the “Original creators are credited […]” answer much more than the users.

But still, >60% in both groups agree to the statement. It should be more, IMO but I like to think that this is largely due to all the cloning of open source modules and the many discussions created by that, including the MicroFreak incident and the various clone MI modules.

That would have been amazing – I just don’t have any EE knowledge to speak of :\

Anything top-of-mind for you on that front?

Me too! Kinda heart-warming that the designers/manufacturers really supported the feature.

What struck me most was the overall level of agreement between users and designers/manufacturers overall… there wasn’t this division people in other forums talk about constantly.