Vote now! Eurorack Essential Features Survey 2020

Is there something you wish every Eurorack module had? Think reverse power protection, comprehensive documentation, or user-updatable firmware. Vote on 18 community-driven features and I’ll share the results here and on other Eurorack forums:

Some notes:

  • The survey closes on Sunday, September 27th at 11:59pm Eastern time (ET).
  • Results will be shared publicly and raw data is available on request (
  • I am a Eurorack user doing this survey for fun, and am not affiliated with any business or other private entity.

Automatic release on Dauw label😉

Nice! The questions thought of a lot of standardization, but some best practices for electronics/EMC could be addressed too.

not on the survey but… I bought a module with a ridiculously thick face panel (think more than twice as thick as any other module)… if manufacturers’ are reading the survey, this should be a “not a deal breaker, but why?